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SINOWAY relies on the R&D team of some universities in China and abroad, combined with the development teams at home which are made of organic chemistry experts and pharmaceutical synthesis experts who are rich in factory production experience. We also have been equipped with advanced chemical synthesis analysis and testing equipment, making full use of the academic experience and technological superiority of cooperative scientific research institutes, being based on the pioneering and innovation of operation philosophy.

We can do:

1.  Compound:

(1) Chiral compounds

(2) Carbohydrate chemistry

(3) Peptide synthesis

(4) Create a new synthetic route which is different from patent route(avoid patent)

2. Reactions

(1) Grignard reagent

(2) Oxidation / Reduction

(3) Ring closure reaction

(4) Condensation reaction

(5) Halogenation

(6) Nitration

(7) Amination

3. Special facilities that can meet these circumstances:

(1) High vacuum (reach 1mmHg)

(2) Low temperature (reach -100oC)

(3)Enzymic catalytic reaction


We are wholeheartedly at your service, and try our best to satisfy all your requirement.




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